The term, Competitor Analysis has the most prominence in the field of Digital Marketing. Everyone wants to stay on top of SEO rankings. Sometimes you may notice that your most performing keywords suddenly out-ranked and replaced by another website. Securing a top place in Google search results is never be so easy task in this competitive area. SEO Competitor Analysis is the only key to overcome your competitors and achieve the success.

Before 2016, achieving top rankings in Google is possible with some basic on-page SEO tricks, but now with emerging huge online marketing competition, it becomes a more tough task.

What is Competitor Analysis in SEO?

SEO Competition Analysis is nothing than researching and spying on our SEO competitors. The best thing is, when you determined to do SEO competitive analysis, your SEO competitors are alway be open. Literally, their every move, every action they take to improve their website rankings and drive traffic to the website are there out for the world to see.This is the major advantage for every webmaster.

Using SEO competitor analysis like SEMRush, Open Site Explorer, Alexa and SE Ranking you can spy on your competitor’s websites and figure out the strengths and weaknesses and research competitor keywords so you can create a better strategy to ditch your online SEO competition.

How to DO Competitor Analysis in SEO?
How to Do Competitor Analysis, SEO Competitor Analysis

Here is The SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist:

1. Research on Your Competitor’s Content and Keywords:

Content means not just that amount textual content on your competitor’s web pages and blog posts, but the content is every thing that makes up the competitors website. All the text, Images, videos, and documents such as pdf’s etc,. Look at their sites that point of view to see what makes up their content structure. Also, Perform keyword competitor analysis to find out for the keywords that their content is ranked in SERP’s.

SEO tip for websites: That an about us page, contact us page, privacy policy, terms and conditions pages are most important for Google ranking as your home page. So, make sure that your website has the above pages and stuff with better and unique content that reflects your business.

Analyse keyword competition and choose the best relevant keyword for your content.

2. Analyse Your Competitor’s Website to See How Well It Is Optimised.

Research and analyse your competitor’s websites, and take close look at their Name, titles tags, description, keywords meta tags, heading tags, image file names, alt attributes, navigation linking menu structure, broken links and how well they are organised. Do they have a privacy policy, terms and conditions and contact us pages and how well they are optimised for their business.

There are many online SEO tools are available in the market to perform competitor analysis, choose the right one for your need.

Google made available some free competitor website analysis tools to Check mobile friendliness, Structured DataPage loading speed, and Backlinks.

Note:  All tools always not so precise so it is advised to use multiple tools for better results. Such as SpyFu, SEM Rush, Alexa Monitor Traffic, Ahref and MOZ SEO tools are my favourite.

3. Look into Their Social Media Profiles and Networks.

Social media profiles can reveal some important aspects that you may not find in website navigation structure. It reveals how they are communicating with their audience, what promotions they are offering and what certain landing pages they are using to attract their audience.

4. Analysing Competitor’s Web Archives.

Last but not least, the Internet archives Wayback Machine will capture all websites in particular moments in time. These archives can reveal such as “when your competitor’s website first visible online”, “what updates they’ve gone through” and “how often they are updating”.

If you do not want your online competitors to spy on your website through Wayback machine, then insert this tiny code in your “robots.txt” file.

User-agent: ia_archiver
Disallow: /

Final Words.

The efficiency of researching your online competitor’s websites can depend on all that resources you have allocated. Also, it can take less than an hour if you are an efficient data miner. We hope this article can help you how to perform SEO competitor analysis. Wishing you great success on the internet…

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