Airtel recently announced a digital innovation program, named Project Next at an event in New Delhi. Airtel’s Project next is aimed to transforming the customer experience across all of its services, at the budget of Rs. 2,000 approx for the next 3 months. Airtel launched Airtel VoLTE 4G calling service, Airtel postpaid promising scheme, and low recharge offer to Airtel VoLTE Users to enhance the user experience with its services. Also, it is promised to bring several digital innovational services to users.

Here are the top 5 things Airtel Project Next may offer in coming months.

Airtel VoLTE (4G calling) Service for Airtel VoLTE Users:

Airtel 4G, Airtel VoLTE, Airtel VoLTE Users
Airtel launched new 4G calling service VoLTE.

Airtel already had done several 4G calling trials in five cities in the country. Bharati Airtel CEO, Gopal Vittal said: “We have done several trials on Airtel VoLTE 4G calling service for Airtel VoLTE Users in five cities.”  He also claimed that “The Airtel consumer level VoLTE service will roll out entire India by the end of the year 2018” said while speaking to media persons at an event in New Delhi.

Airtel Recharge Offer’s

Vittal said that Airtel would launch recharge offers for Airtel VoLTE User to save the ARPU (Average Revenue per User). He also spoke about the competition that created by Reliance Jio. “Present telecom market in India is very competitive. Over past few quarters, we lost ARPU and have seen the revenue erosion. This is simply because we have responded in the marketplace with aggressive pricing in order to compete and grow our market share. That aspect will continue,” he said.

So, we can expect some low priced Airtel VoLTE Plans from Airtel in near days.

Handset Bundling Offers

Airtel 4G, Airtel VoLTE, Bharati Airtel
Airtel planning for handset bundled offers.

One more news revealed by Vittal at the Earnings Calls meeting was about handset bundling offers. He said that they would look at bundling opportunities with smartphone makers to grow its market share.

App Centric Content

Airtel looking to improve its app based content. The company recently launched the Airtel live TV service. In the coming months, Airtel would likely to steal the market of Reliance Jio in the content space, by increasing Airtel mobile applications.

A Good News for Airtel Postpaid Users

Airtel Postpaid Promise scheme is the best thing from Bharti Airtel this year. India’s leading telecom operator has announced a new Postpaid Promise scheme. Promising, which unused present months data will be carried forward for the next month, this going to be a great news for Airtel Postpaid users.

Bharati Airtel also introduced a some best value affordable my family plans, and they will 20% cheaper than the earlier plans. That said, every change made by you to your Airtel postpaid account will be applied in real time, within seconds.

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