As a digital marketer, I love people approve my content and share them across the internet. Of course, who don’t? There are some business benefits out of it too. Because We cannot ignore that metrics like conversion rates usually helps to improve revenues of businesses.

However, social sharing is the best way to make our content reach so far audience across the globe. If it shares you are after, surely you are getting them? How efficiently are you enticing people to share your content? Yeah, Here it is for you the ultimate guide on How to do content marketing and improve social shares?.

How To Do Content Marketing, What Is Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

According to content marketing institution, its definition is “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

How To Do Content Marketing For Improve Social Shares?

Many Content Marketers are always focusing on social shares. But in reality, studies revealed some weird facts about social sharing. After examining a million articles, Buzzsumo and Moz have found most of their articles posted to get an eight or even less social shares. This is a huge disappointment for us.

This content marketing guide on will increase your reach conversion rates and help businesses to achieve success. Let’s find out…

How To Improve Social Share?

  1. Only Publish Relevant, Engaging and Worthy Content.

You might be hearing this before, but don’t ignore it. When there is no interesting and engaging content, even a great promotion can’t help you much. Rather it may harm for good.

How so? — If you have gone through a huge promotion, the more people will get engage your content and find it as less than great, then you have made a bad impression them. They will remember the experience. In term, if it continues, people may be ignoring you.

So, prioritise your content quality over quantity, make it better every time you publish.

  1. Use Visual Content to Improve Social Share.

However, visual content will always get better engagement with the user then the text. When it comes to social shares,  we usually consider social media and social media love visual content like images and videos.

In Facebook, posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement than posts without images. So, create a content with at least one attractive image that fit for social media.

Content Marketing Tip — At the other end, you can also convert a bit of content into an image that works as standalone content. For example, if you have a DIY project or educational content, you can use images to improve narration.

  1. Use Social Share Plugins For WordPress.

Use of Social Sharing Buttons in Content Marketing

This piece of advice for Content Marketers. Add social share buttons to every page on your blog and start testing different social sharing tools.

Having the right social sharing tools and plugins can make a big difference in how many shares you get. Social Warfare is one of the best tools.

  1. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Audience For Share.

This may sound weird. But, don’t hesitate to ask people to share your content with their friends and family. It will work.

  1. Mention People by Name.

It’s like influencer marketing, promoting your content through experts or high influential people by mentioning their name in it. This will bring a bit credibility to your content. Quoting experts makes you look smart.

There is even a content marketing tool called Notifier for promoting content and make it easy notify by people you’ve mentioned in your content.

  1. Write Engaging Headlines.

The fact is, most people are not going to read all your content. They just read the headline to decide how good is your content. A great headline will entice people to share your content.

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