CCTV can analyse your every move with the help of machine learning Intelligent behavior recognition system called Metropolis.

Soon, CCTV can Identify Troubles with Nvidia’s Metropolis Artificial Intelligence System Nvidia, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, CCTV, Behavior Recognition, Metropolis, AI,A company which is known for high-end gaming PC’s and Graphic cards, Nvidia is now working on artificial intelligence and taking machine learning to the next level. Its new Artificial Intelligence venture is called Metropolis will team up with CCTV and analyse your every move using its advanced intelligent behavior recognition system.

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What is Nvidia’s Metropolis?

Nvidia’s Metropolis is an intelligent video analytics platform that can analyse and process huge amounts of security camera (CCTV) footage looking for troubles that may be larking. This Nvidia’s ultimate video surveillance system Metropolis is a deep machine learning integration between CCTV and artificial intelligence. It is designed to simultaneously analyse and contextualise the data collected from a billion CCTV cameras.

What Nvidia’s Metropolis artificial intelligence system can do?

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  • It has the ability to analyse and interpret 30 billion images per second from over billion CCTV cameras.
  • It could be used to create self-driving drones for security robots.
  • It has advanced behavior recognition system to identify and capture whole scene in case of something going as unusual.
  • There is No longer would police need to depend on eye-witnesses for evidence,
  • Nvidia’s Metropolis machine learning artificial intelligence system include face recognition, vehicle recognition, and also both road and pedestrian traffic patterning to help redirect traffic.
  • Also, used to track what the customers are buying in busy supermarket.

Some of its previous successful Artificial intelligence (AI) ‘Watch and learn’ system for Autonomous driving cars to understand how traffic works, and development of software for industrial security drones are the great examples.

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Final words

Briefcam, a partner of Nvidia, last year released a video showing how it’s security software will track the vehicles and individuals. It will capture and analyse things such as robbery, crime, and threatening conditions. The footage is then shortened and create a review video with all the highlights and important events and passed to a human operator for further procedure. This cloud save banks and other crowded areas from being exploit and crime. And it is expected to be hitting our streets by 2020.

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