Best Workout Apps

7 best workout apps for android to stay healthy.

Smartphones are the greatest invention in the history. But All these gadgets making our life easier comes with a disadvantage i.e. Your health. You...
Temples In Warangal.

A heritage temple in Warangal lost in time

The Swayambhu Shambulingeswara Swamy temple adjoining the Kakatiya fort in Greater Warangal city of Telangana state is frequented by only a few people is lies...
Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Daily Habits That Will Make You Smarter and productive

Cultivating smart habits is the key to unlocking productivity.To be smart is great, but it doesn't happen overnight. If you want to become smarter,...
Amrapali Kata

Meet Amrapali Kata: a young, inspiring IAS Officer

IAS Amrapali Kata Biography: Amrapali Kata a young inspiring IAS officer is known by her dynamism, always optimistic everlasting cheerful smile on her face, also...
IAS Amrapali Kataivideo

IAS Amrapali Kata Speech Goes Controversial

Young Inspiring IAS Amrapali Kata (Warangal Collector) Speech Became Head Lines at Job Mela:The Speech of IAS Amrapali Kata (Warangal District Collector) has...
Sita I am Not a Virgin

Sita I Am Not a Virgin: Short Film

Watch శీలం తో చలగాటం discussion program in TV9, on the movie Sita I Am Not a Virgin. Recently, Sita I Am Not a Virgin short film...

Tubelight: A big Disaster in Bollywood Industry

Tubelight a big disaster not only in Bollywood, also a big failure in Salman Khan career. Kabeer Khan and Salman Khan worked together for...
Priyanka Chopra looks sultry and irresistible

Priyanka Chopra out of breath in Isn’t It Romantic Movie

Priyanka Chopra pictures leaked from her upcoming Hollywood Movie 'Isn't It Romantic' became Viral on Social Media. A leaked video shows that Adam Devine...
Deepti Sunaina Family

Deepthi Sunaina: All you need to know about Dubsmash Girl.

InstaQueen Deepthi Sunaina is Famous for Dubsmashes. Here is everything you need to about Deepthi Sunaina, she has around 500k Instagram Followers. Let us Know...
Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro introduced Cashless payment system.

Delhi Metro Rail Corp (DMRC) said that the Delhi Metro launched new cashless payment system for passengers. Passengers can buy token and recharge their...

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